Base Metal Thermocouples

Base Metal Thermocouple

Although base-metal thermocouples cannot be recommended for approximating the accuracies comparable to that of, for example, IPRTs, they are nevertheless so widely used that some description of them is necessary here. These thermocouples are identified by letter designations originally assigned by the Instrument Society of America and now accepted internationally .The use of base-metal thermocouples for temperature measurements of moderate precision requires careful consideration regarding design, specifications, and application (atmosphere, temperature range).

Letter-Designation For Thermocouples

  • Type T: Copper(+)/Copper-nickel alloy(-)
  • Type J: Iron(+)/Copper-nickel alloy(-)
  • Type K: Nickel-chromium alloy(+)/Nickel-aluminium alloy(-)
  • Type E: Nickel-chromium alloy(+)/Copper-nickel alloy(-)
  • Type N: Nickel-chromium-silicon alloy(+)/Nickel-silicon alloy(-)

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