High Temperature Furnace


  • High temperature furnaces with maximum operating temperatures of 600’c,800’c,900’c,1400°C, 1500°C & 1600°C
  • Chamber capacities of 3, 8, 15 & 35 litres
  • Powerful silicon carbide elements located on both sides of the chamber ensure good thermal uniformity
  • Silicon carbide elements can withstand the stress of everyday operation and provide good longevity
  • Hardwearing refractory brick in chamber entrance and hearth provide good resistance to abrasion
  • Elsewhere, lightweight ceramic fibre insulation is used which ensures good energy efficiency and rapid heating
  • Vertical counter-balanced door keeps hot door insulation away from operator
  • Postive break door safety switch isolates chamber from power supply, when the door is opened
  • Double skinned construction allows convection air flow to cool the outer case, Choice of PID controller or programmers


  • General industry include sintering alumina.
  • Ceramics industry include disintegration
  • Testing and analysis of cement samples
  • Refractory porosity tests
  • Long term high temperature temperature tests and firing & sintering of ceramic samples
  • Applications in the semi-conductor industry include annealing silicon, silicon carbide


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